From ties, to bow ties. . . . . an 1844 dress shirt from Miller Bros-Newton is not complete until you have dressed it with the perfect tie.


Shoes…Belts…Billfolds to vests, we carry a wide assortment of leather goods to accessorize your outfit.


Notably fashionable, men’s hats. It’s no longer a ball cap. It’s a straw hat, a Harris Tweed, a Fedora, a Panama.

Neckwear…..the finishing touch to our custom shirts!

Ties complete the look of a fine suit.

Ties and Neckties

Our 1844 neckwear collection is crafted to the highest of standards.

A necktie says a lot about a man. Constructed with her signature detailing and fully fitted interlining that ensures our neckwear never twists or turns, Miller Bros-Newton ties give you a smooth and even knot every time. Designed in Italy and handmade in our own work rooms. Our neckwear compliments both our dress and casual shirts.

We also offer pocket squares and handkerchiefs. Please ask your haberdasher for more information.

Our fabrics are luxurious 100% silk. Pocket squares come in either solid stripes or we can match the same print as a tie.

If you need assistance, we can help you choose the proper tie for your body and clothing style, and show you how to tie the appropriate knot.

The standard tie length is 52″ to 56″, with longer ties running from 58″ to 64″. Picking the right length (and knot) depends on a number of factors, including your neck size, the length of your torso, and collar style. When it comes to knots, there are four main types: The Four-in-Hand (most common), Pratt knot (also known as the Shelby), Half Windsor, and the Full Windsor.

We have all types of fabrics and colors of ties.

Modern paisley neckwear by 1844

Something for every shirt or suit.

4 Tie Knots Every Man MUST Know

Best Tie Knots For EVERY Neck And Collar Type

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Haberdasher’s tip: haberdashers stock hundreds of swatches for pocket squares and ties, unlike the big box stores that carry a set inventory. The best part: there’s no price difference between a custom ordered item and one found on the haberdasher’s shelf.


Make A Fashion Statement

Many believe that King Richard II was the first to use a pocket square as a fashion accessory. Once regarded as simply a piece of cloth, the pocket square has moved up in the fashion ranks. It’s now a “statement accessory,” one that can boost the overall look of any outfit, and new rules apply.

Previously, matching a pocket square to your tie was fairly straightforward. Pick out a tie, pick out a pocket square of the same fabric or color, but never mix patterns. Today, it’s all about colors, and all patterns are welcome. Contrasting styles create an eye-catching look, and with the explosion of new colors and patterns on the market, your options are virtually limitless.

Not only does this make dressing up easier, the end result will generate many a compliment.

The Best Men’s Shoe on the Market Today


For comfort and class, try Johnston & Murphy shoes and boots.

Since 1850 Johnston & Murphy has outfitted seven presidents with the finest shoes and boots to match their personalities. As many have said, “Johnston & Murphy shoes are the best money can buy”. That is no exaggeration!

Johnston & Murphy’s styles are timeless. Their construction and fit is unparalleled.

We offer shoe care products for our shoes. Please ask your haberdasher for details.

Check out the Shoe Care videos from Johnston & Murphy below.

For comfort and class, try Johnston & Murphy shoes.

“Robert at Miller Brothers helped my husband pick out an everyday jacket that he can take traveling and wear with both jeans and chinos. He showed us several options, and we found something just right. Robert was enthusiastic and so informative, without being pushy. The tailoring is done quickly. We liked the shoes Robert was wearing so much, my husband took a pair home for himself. Good quality clothes with exceptional service. If you want a really pleasant shopping experience for men’s clothing, go to Miller Brothers in Keene.” ~ JM RB

Johnston & Murphy Videos

Look Handsome in a Hat.

Men's Hats are back! All styles, all fabrics!


Hats for men have been around for thousands of years, and their popularity has never been greater.

Today’s hats have replaced the traditional ball cap with a sharper look and soft crushable fabrics, which makes them very durable. They have self-wicking bands that help keep the wearer cooler in hot weather. A modified cut gives them a slight European look with a more slender shape and smaller brim. Using flex technology, they are made to fit comfortably.

Today’s styles include some old classics, like pork pie, boaters, Panama hats, and beach style, with a wider brim for sun protection. They come from such famous makers as Kangol, Bailey, Stefano, Stetson, and even Tommy Bahama.

Wear them with a suit and tie to a formal event, like a graduation, wedding, or birthday party. OR keep it casual with a silk shirt and a pair of shorts, or even a bathing suit. Simply put, there’s no outfit you can’t wear them with.


Hats are a personality thing, and nothing radiates that more than a Fedora. Made of lightweight and water repellent wool felt, with a wide brim, ribbon, and crown that’s indented and pinched, Fedoras date back as far as 1882 when they first appeared as a female hat. After 1924, Prince Edward of Britain began wearing them. Men quickly replaced their bowlers, flat caps and top hats with a Fedora to look like Prince Edward’s.
Watch a classic movie from the late 1930’s-50’s and you will see actors like James Cagney, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart and many others wearing a classic Fedora hat. Modern day actors/actresses like Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears often wear a Fedora in their live performances. And who can forget Indiana Jones Fedora!
If a Fedora is in your future, we offer some guidelines: beware of cheap knockoffs. [a quality wool Fedora by the Bailey Hat Company, a U.S. manufacturer since 1922 is made to last and carries a strong sophisticated look]. The standard brim measures 2″ with a removable or interchangeable feather. Newer styles come in an expanded palette of colors.


Haberdasher’s tip: a Fedora should sit 1/4″ to 1/2″ above the ear. Firm but not too loose.

Straw Hat by Stefeno

Bailey straw and fabric hat.

Summer straw hat

Felt Fedora

Miscellaneous Accessories

We carry men’s belts, leather goods, hosiery, underwear, cologne, man care products, jewelry, tie and belt organizers. For all other accessories please ask our haberdashers.

Torino Belts

Leather Goods

Woven Leather belts

Bay Rum Cologne

Men's shaving soap from Badger


Miscellaneous Accessories

Feel free to call us with any questions about the accessories we offer.