The New Tuxedo Styles At Miller Brothers-Newton


Making It Personal – The New Tuxedo Styles At Miller Brothers-Newton

The new “look” in tuxedos can be summed up in three words: sleek, slim and tailored. In today’s ever-changing world of fashion, baggy is out and slender is in. Gone are the 50 / 50 polyester blends of the past, replaced now with luxury fabrics, such as high-grade tropical wright wool. These fabrics breathe better and offer an enhanced drape. The new tuxes are shorter in length (by one or two inches) as are the sleeves, making way for a more showy cuff.

In keeping with the trimmer look, pants are more slender with bottoms that are slightly tapered. Even the rise of the pant shorter, which means it’s worn further off the hip. The break (how much fabric lays on top of your shoe ad covers your heel), is shorter as well.

Perhaps the best thing about the new-look tuxedos is that these enhancements are available whether one rents or buys the suit. The key is to do one’s homework. Avoid buying off the rack and explore the various cuts and fabrics.

Once the perfect suit is chosen, finish it off with the ever-Important accessories (tie, pocket square, socks and cuff-links), each of which allows a personal style statement. The fashion industry is booming with bold colors and patterns, and the look one creates is certain to generate a bevy of compliments.

Ben Wichland has been fitting tuxes for over 20 years. For more details, visit him at Miller Brothers-Newton, 105 Main Street in Keene, or by phone at 603-352-3039

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