Merkur Razors

Since the beginning of the 20th century, we stand for quality and durability with our MERKUR safety razors.


Herein lies Captain Fawcett’s Emporium, home to a simply delectable range of first class gentleman’s grooming requisites.

Dapper Dan

We blend the finest organic plant extracts, exotic oils, beeswax, and minerals to make the safest, most effective products possible.

Vie-Long Brushes

For over 70 years Vie-Long has maintained a strong reputation for their quality, design, finishing and presentation.

Razors & Blades

Merkur Razors

Classic razor’s – as modern as ever

Safety razors with a closed comb are perfect for the gentle daily shave. With an open comb, you also shave long or particularly dense body and beard hair thoroughly. The slant bar razor is ideal for unruly hair. With our safety razors with adjustable blade gap, you can adjust the thoroughness and gentleness individually.

The safety razor offers you a wide range of applications – from the classic facial shave to the body hair shave to intimate shaving. Even longer or thicker hair can be mastered by our safety razors with ease, without sacrificing the protection and comfort of a traditional razor.

It’s Your Choice!


As Modern As Ever

The razor blades you use in your Safety Razor makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of the shave you will get. Of course, all blades will handle the task of cutting hairs no problem but each brand is manufactured in a different way using different materials that make it ideal for certain skin types and hair thickness. It is the job of every wet shaver to discover the type of skin they have, the thickness of their beard and, through trial and error, the blades that best suit them. Astra blades are renown for sharpness, durability and comfort. The platinum coating provides for increased comfort and blade life. Astra Blades have long been used by barbers in Europe and are one of our best selling blades. If you have any questions on wet shaving reach out to us and we can walk you through the art of wet shaving and everything you will need to change that morning routine to a morning ritual.

A razor for all purposes

Made in Germany

Other Razors

Razor Blades From: Astra, Bolzano, Ladas, Pol-Silver, Rapira & Wilkinson Sword

Hair Care


Pre-Shave Oils, Beard Oil, Beard Conditioner, Hair Care,
Shave Creams & Shave Soaps

Founded in Sheffield, England in 2011; Dapper Dan products were developed over a ten year period by professionals in the trade, determined to create a unique and varied range of grooming products to suit the needs of the style conscious modern man.

Our products were developed over a ten year period by professionals in the trade, determined to create a unique and compact styling range. In 2012, Dapper Dan Matt Paste was launched and quickly became the most versatile matt styler we had ever experienced.
In 2014 we added a Deluxe Pomade and a Matt Clay to the range, and since then we’ve worked non-stop to release even more top quality products – from oil-based water-soluble Heavy Hold Pomade to 100% vegan friendly Vegetable Soap and more!

Our Products

Beard Conditioners from: Capt. Fawcett’s
Beard Oils from: Captain Fawcett’s, Dapper Dan
Beard Balms from: Capt. Fawcett’s, Dapper Dan
Hair Care from: Dapper Dan
Shave Cream from: Omega, Lea, Dapper Dan, Capt. Fawcetts
Shave Soap from: Lea, Capt. Fawcetts
Mustache Care from: Capt. Fawcetts

For the smoothest shave you ever had!


Lea & Capt. Fawcetts

Glycerine-based shaving soaps tribute vintage shaving. With ingredients like avocado oil and Vitamin E, this soap is essential that keep skin looking and feeling youthful. The exceptional scent is reminiscent of traditional wet shaving and features packaging that draws inspiration from classic barber supplies.

This soap is subtle in size but creates an incredibly foamy lather with every use. Its size fits any shaving dish, making perfect for bundling.
In a marketplace packed with shaving soaps and aftershave brands that are made up largely of chemicals that do more harm than good, we insist on carrying premium shaving products that protect and enhance a man’s skin.
Just some of the shaving soap and aftershave brands we have in stock include: LEA shaving cream, the legendary Italian brand Omega, Dapper Dan, Captain Fawcett’s, Barbershop Classics and Floid.

Shave Soaps by Capt. Fawcetts

Our Haberdashers will be happy to share our knowledge with you.

After Shave Balms & Cologne

After Shave Balms & Cologne

Simply splendid

IN 1905 Captain Peabody Fawcett R.N Ret’d, the intrepid and eminent Edwardian explorer, disappeared whilst attempting to navigate to the source of the Ubangi, a major tributary to the Congo River. No trace was ever found of his seemingly doomed expedition… until that is, in 1997, an old battered trunk purchased at a house clearance sale, was taken home and its locks forced. Incredibly, amongst its decaying and mildewed contents was found an exquisite dressing case containing salves, unguents, ointments and the missing adventurers long lost journals. Scattered amongst the many tales of hardship, derring do and wonders seen, where one was expected to “keep a stiff upper lip, regardless”, were found meticulously detailed lists of exotic ingredients for use in the Captain’s very own grooming requisites. These precise formulae have been faithfully followed and Fawcett’s original potions, along with his world renowned Moustache Wax are now available to the discerning gentleman for the first time in over a century.

MBN is excited to announce being recognized as the first retail distributor of Capt Fawcett products in the USA! The full story is coming soon.


Featuring Mr. Gladstone’s Fine Solid Cologne
Natural, highly concentrated wax-based solid colognes designed to roam, navigate and traverse life’s thrilling paths.

After Shave Balms from: Omega, Dapper Dan, Floid & Lea

Colognes from: Bay Rum, Musk, 77, lime, Vetiver, Cutlass, Island Spice, Island Gold, Lea, Captain Fawcetts, Mr Gladstone (solid), Floid & Dapper Dan

Mr. Gladstone Solid Cologne

Shave Brushes, Bowls and Stands

Shave Brushes, Bowls and Stands

Elegantly designed for maximum counter-top appeal

Stands from: Purebadger

Shave Soap Bowls from: PureBadger Collection apothecary style porcelain (black, cream) badger balm, pure badger shave bowl porcelain black silver rim & cream with silver.

Check out Overview of Shave Brush Types, below.

Overview of Shave Brush Types

Shave Brushes from: Vie-Long (Cachurro cruelty-free Horse Hair & imitation Badger), Omega (Boar Bristle with Beech wood Handle, Boar Bristle plastic handle), Progress Vulfix pure Badger brush with Cream molded handle.

Grooming Accessories

Grooming Accessories

Combs, Bibs & Bags

Grooming accessories from: Bay Rum Soaps

PureBadger Shaving Accessories

Shaving Tips and Knowledge

Shaving Tips and Knowledge

A perfect shave, for anyone.

Rockwell’s patented adjustable shave settings let you perfectly match your shave to your stubble length and skin type. Most importantly, even if this is your first time using a safety razor, our adjustable system ensures there’s absolutely no chance of cutting yourself. Our team’s ingenuity, luck and perseverance have resulted in a completely unique product that solves all of men’s shaving problems in ways that just might have you sincerely looking forward to your next shave.


Feel free to call us with any questions about the shaving products we offer.