1844 Signature Series Tuxedos

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1844 Signature Series Tuxedo

1844 Signature Series Tuxedo

A timelessly classic tuxedo perfect for any Occasion.

A modern two button black superlux 150’s Tuxedo, paired with a modern plain front adjustable waistband slack.

Satin trimmings with an elegant and sleek look.

All accessories available see store for details

Surviving Prom Season

The Clock is Ticking

It’s go time. The prom season is in full swing and clothiers are being inundated by prom-goers in search of the newest styles and colors. First off the rack will be vests and ties, accessories that makes your ensemble come alive, with a flash of color or a jazzy pattern. These sell out first, and those who shop early will see the best selection. Wait too long and the chances of finding the color you want, or more importantly, the color that matches your date’s outfit, greatly diminishes. This year’s trending colors are canary yellow, apple red, mercury silver, royal blue, ruby, Kelly and hunter green. All popular, all flashy, and all guaranteed to sell out quickly. So if you’re ready, get set and GO!
Haberdasher’s tip: if your prom date’s outfit has a specific color, bring a swatch (or color name) with you when you shop, for the very best match.

The origin of the prom is a bit of a mystery. The earliest known reference to this rite of spring comes from a college student’s journal in 1894. What we do know is that proms have a glamour and a glitz and by following these helpful tips, you can make the prom and the weeks that lead up to it, as stress-free as possible, not just for your child, but for you as well.

A Step By Step Guide

with Ben Wichland

1. Are you going to with a date or with a group? Going with a date makes color matching a necessity. If your date has already picked out her dress, it’s not going back, so shop early for identically-colored accessories. Wait too long and you’ll have to settle for something that may not match. On the other hand, if you’re going with a group, you can design your own look.

2. Determine your price range. This will give you a realistic starting point and keeps you from getting overwhelmed by the vast array of choices. Best to look for an all-inclusive package unless you’re building your own ensemble. And very important, do not forget the shoes!

3. Go to the store and get fitted. One size does not fit all. To look your very best, be sure to work with someone who can fit you properly for your specific body style.

4. Finalize your colors. If you’re color matching, bring a swatch of your date’s outfit. Colors over the phone are nearly impossible to get right. This applies to your suit, your vest, tie, pocket square and socks.

5. Try on your outfit. A tuxedo is like no other suit you’ve ever worn. For that reason, it’s crucial that you try it on in the store. The clothier will assess the fit, determine if alterations are needed, and instruct you how to properly put it on and wear it.

6. Final prep. Comfort starts at skin level. Pick out a good undershirt, underwear and socks. Get a haircut and beard trim, because not only are photos sure to be taken, they’ll be around for a very long time.

For best results, allow enough time to work through these steps. That way, you’ll have more options, reduced stress, with quicker service and faster turnaround. The longer you wait, the harder the choices become. Styles and colors rent out and once they’re gone, you won’t find them. Start early, follow these guidelines and have the time of your life on prom night!

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