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Viyella Shirts

Viyella Madras

Viyella Madras plaid fabrics are light-weight 2/60’s 100% cotton fabrics.

Madras-woven yarn has an intriguing history that began in, you guessed it, Madras, India over 800 years ago. To this day, it remains hand-dyed, handwoven, with both sides bearing the same pattern. What’s more, to be truly authentic, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission stipulates that the fabric must come from Madras (now Chennai), India.

Jump ahead to modern day, and for those who have experienced Madras fabric, it’s the ultimate softness and breathability that make it a must-have summer garment. It’s a versatile, every day, shirt, and in keeping with the market trend toward more color, the new Madras patterns feature more vibrant shades of orange, pink, lavender, green and yellow. And with so many colors in one shirt, pairing is a breeze, whether tucked with khakis and a naval blazer, or untucked with a bathing suit. Sum it up in three words: authentic, ultra-soft, classic.

Madras plaid fabrics have been used for apparel and fashion for centuries, making them the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Select your favorite from our swatches below.


Viyella Madras styling details
Button-down collar
Short Sleeve
Single Patch Chest Pocket
Traditional Fit
Rounded Bottom
Regulars Small – XL – $80
Bigs & Talls – $85

Some patterns have a distressed finish and contrast buttonholes.

Style: 11 Light Blue

Viyella Madras

Style: 13 Chambray

Style: 17 Blue

Style: 18 Royal

Viyella Madras

Style: 18 Maritime Blue

Style: 18 Indigo

Style: 19 Navy A

Style: 19 Navy B

Style: 22 Beige

Style: 22 String

Style: 24 Brown

Viyella Madras

Style: 44 Rust

Style: 44 Mars Red

Style: 45 Red

Style: 46 Wine

Style: 47 Vino

Viyella Madras

Style: 47 Persian Plum

Style: 52 Sea Green

Style: 53 Green

Style: 56 Green Blue

Style: 58 Forest Green

Viyella Madras

Style: 59 Forest Green

Style: 64 Canary

Viyella Madras

Style: 64 Canary

Style: 66 Gold

Viyella Madras

Style: 75 Tangerine

Style: 90 Multi

Viyella Madras

Style: 90 Multi-2

Style: 96 Rainbow

Other colors are available. Please visit the store, to see our full Madras line.

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